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TheDevil 05-01-2006 06:34 AM

Frameset Dilema. Please Help.

hey gang.

this is a pretty basic question. so don't laugh.

lets say i want to build a web site. lets say i have a frameset that is called homeframeset.htm. now when i open the website... this is the home page. it has frames and a mainframe which is the body (home.htm)... now this frameset is comprised of a few individual frames. the top bottom side etc etc... one specific frame holds the image for the title "home"... it is NOT a graphic inside of the mainframe (home.htm) i've done this cause i want the title to remain static when i scroll down the main frame... the graphic home is an individual frame that is part of the whole frameset.... like HOME.htm is part of homeframeset.htm...

now i want to add a new page... titled "about us"... this is pretty simple... use the same frameset and only change the link for the "mainframe"... that will hold info on "about us"...

HOWEVER... SINCE i have decided to use a graphic as a heading... when i want to associate a graphic title "about us" to the "about us" page... i find i have to create another FRAMESET... thus titled aboutusframeset.htm... which has its own title.htm and body.htm... so in the end when i have multiple page site with its own headings... i find i have multiple framesets!!!

what i want to do is basically. have ONE frameset and have the title / heading change accordingly. but the heading / title is not part of the body... cause i want it to remain within a confined graphic area.

is there a way around it? is there a BETTER PATH to take?

see attachment for more details

thanks in advance.

ramandeep 05-01-2006 09:40 AM

Hi Mate,
Forget frames, gone are the days for them.
Try designing your layout with tables or layers whatever you find easier for start. first prepare a layout (say using tables). Add a table and then divide it into rows and columns as you want and try placing things.

When stuck ask here but dont use frames as no one will suggest you to use them.

domedia 05-01-2006 01:54 PM

raman is right,
Forget frames altogether, for a long time. You probably will not need to use them, ever.
Fire whoever told you to use frames and don't take advice from them again, ever ;)

Like Raman suggests, create a regular website, even try using DW's template system which is excellent for consistent layout.

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