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domedia 05-01-2006 02:14 PM

Read this before posting
Before you post:
1. Find out if the topic has been covered already by doing a search
2. If it's a question, try solving it first. Posting a question and then replying to yourself 5 minutes afterwards looks rather dumb. ;-)

In your post:

1. Make sure you subject line is descriptive.
Bad: Plz help me.!! I'm going nuts.......................
Good: Find and Replace- Disable Dialogue Box
Good: Setting an anchor as a value in a drop down menu

2. Make sure you give us enough information!
If you have a question, and it's technical in nature (90% are), please give a url members can see your code at -or- paste your code and use the 'code' button to mark it up as html code.
Asking "My webpage does not work, what is wrong" makes just as much sense as saying "My car doesn't work, what is wrong?"; Give as much information as possible if you'd like to use this forum for assistance.

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