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tkevans@tkevans.com 04-28-2014 09:24 PM

DreamWeaver CS4 License Issue After PC Upgrade
I have upgraded a PC from WinXP to WIN7, via WIN7 "custom" install and LapLink's "PCMover" software. The latter successfully moved all my user data and apps into place on the upgraded PC. (This was an "in place" upgrade--just one PC involved.)

After the uprade, DreamWeaver CS4 fails to start. It gives an error indicating no serial number was found.

I do not have the original install media or any paperwork. Installation was done (with permission) from my former employer's media. I've now retired and have no way to get this info from my employer.

I tried logging into my old My Adobe work account with my old work-related password and it worked, and the site said my password had to be reset--then promptly sent an e-mail to the old work e-mail address, which is, of course, dead. No way, then, for me to set a new password on the old account.

So, that long story done, is the serial number stored in some file I can retrieve from the old DW installation (still on the disk)? What other suggestions might you all have?

Not trying anything shady here--just want to use the software I was given to use.

Ricky55 04-29-2014 08:56 PM

No the serial isn't saved in this manner for obvious security reasons.

I think you're knackered to be honest mate.

Even if you had the password you wouldn't get the serial.

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