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indianleo 12-04-2007 04:14 AM

Web Banner
Hello Freinds I had creted a animated banner now I want it to display like yahoo or msn or anyother webpages like the banner will slide and it will come in centre of page or anything else which will have one close button / mouseover it will expand all that kind of effects I want to do on my website

and what that kind of banners are called pls help me in doing it

Cary 12-05-2007 03:02 AM

Here's one tutorial I found. Google lists a bunch.


indianleo 12-05-2007 08:40 AM

Thanks bro for replying but even i know how to create banner but i want to learn the way it is been showed on webpage for example and ad created in flash been displayed on webpage

I had seen few example
flash banner on mouseover it expands
one banner slides from left to righ and comes in centre

davidj 12-05-2007 08:49 AM

you animate your movie as normal. You use a floating layer to position it and use WMODE attribute to make the background invisible so it looks like its ontop of your site

Jittor 12-05-2007 08:44 PM

I tried this a while back and had no luck on accomplishing it, then I got busy and couldn't get back to it. I wanted to use it for a flash drop down menu, and have it drop over the page

DJ - have you done this before? If so, perhaps a tut.

davidj 12-06-2007 07:50 AM

its used allot in the car industry marketing strategy

and its anoying as hell

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