View Full Version : How does google separate keywords from key phrases

03-22-2017, 05:03 PM
How does google pick out the keyword that I want to rank for out of a phrase? Any help will be appreciated

Bill Goldberg
03-30-2017, 04:24 AM
I think we can not get this information because this is depending upon their algorithm which is impossible to understand by users but if am wrong please let me know the answer.

06-20-2017, 10:20 AM
I don't know that exact algorithm neither, but I believe it's about picking up similar keywords in one phrase. For example, we want to rank our page with the keyword: red shirt. So when we create phrases like "where to buy red shirt", google bot can pick up the exact "red shirt" words and seperate this "red shirt" from the phrases.

New Perspective Studio
12-15-2017, 07:37 PM
I think it simpler than we think, just as in english grammar you have vers subjects objects adjectives , google can identify the intent.

This phrase is for information , this phrase is for purchasing , this phrase is for learning and then takes the subject or object of that phrase and applies it.

I know Dean from backlinko wrote a article " How to to get high quality backlinks "

He ranked first for high quality backlinks which was what he as targeting. Funny thing is he said upon looking at his analytics he found a massive surge of his bounce rate on that article he investigated and found that he was also raking in many users for the search term "How to get high" .

Obviously the users asking this question saw his site haad noting to do with their query , they bounced google saw this and dropped his site for that search term but kept him high for "high quality backlinks"

Google watches users always remember that.