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12-15-2016, 07:35 AM
I find it a bit funny after weeks of being pushed to change passwords by yahoo, after there last security breach, i get a mail from them tellingh me my account has been hacked, lucky i use yahoo rarely and have one account i use specifically to sign up for site s/apps / of downloads i dont really trust. so i worry or lose any sleep over it i think

Leeann Racheal
01-12-2017, 11:53 PM
Yes, there's this one email that I used years ago for that same purpose and I have my current email as recovery email. Anyway, since November, I think I've received more than 10 emails letting me know that someone has been trying to log in to that account. Funny though because there's nothing there.

01-13-2017, 06:56 AM
cart and bolted horses

Bill Goldberg
01-19-2017, 07:00 AM
I do faced the same issue but the real thing is there are only 3 or 4 mails in that ID.