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12-03-2016, 06:36 AM
Hello, I hope that they are all well, I introduce myself and I go to the grain, I am a total novice in all this, to enter "localhost", to manage, not let me enter because I have not registered the password, I thought that the same Browser would ask me for the password, but it is not. It tells me that I have to check the user configuration and password in the file "config.inc.php", but I do not know where the password goes or how it is placed.

I am very grateful for your help.

I am very grateful for your help.

#1045 - Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

Este es el archivo:


$configurationFile = '../wampmanager.conf';
$templateFile = '../wampmanager.tpl';
$wampserverIniFile = '../wampmanager.ini';
$langDir = '../lang/';
$aliasDir = '../alias/';
$modulesDir = 'modules/';
$logDir = 'logs/';
$wampBinConfFiles = 'wampserver.conf';
$phpConfFileForApache = 'phpForApache.ini';

// on charge la conf locale
$wampConf = @parse_ini_file($configurationFile);

//on renseigne les variables du template avec la conf locale
$c_installDir = $wampConf['installDir'];
$c_wampVersion = $wampConf['wampserverVersion'];
$c_navigator = $wampConf['navigator'];
$c_phpCliVersion = $wampConf['phpCliVersion'];
$c_mysqlVersion = $wampConf['mysqlVersion'];
$c_mysqlServiceInstallParams = $wampConf['mysqlServiceInstallParams'];
$c_mysqlServiceRemoveParams = $wampConf['mysqlServiceRemoveParams'];
$c_apacheServiceInstallParams = $wampConf['apacheServiceInstallParams'];
$c_apacheServiceRemoveParams = $wampConf['apacheServiceRemoveParams'];
$c_webgrind = "webGrind";

// on construit les variables correspondant aux chemins
$c_apacheVersionDir = $wampConf['installDir'].'/bin/apache';
$c_phpVersionDir = $wampConf['installDir'].'/bin/php';
$c_mysqlVersionDir = $wampConf['installDir'].'/bin/mysql';
$c_apacheConfFile = $c_apacheVersionDir.'/apache'.$wampConf['apacheVersion'].'/'.$wampConf['apacheConfDir'].'/'.$wampConf['apacheConfFile'];
$c_apacheExe = $c_apacheVersionDir.'/apache'.$wampConf['apacheVersion'].'/'.$wampConf['apacheExeDir'].'/'.$wampConf['apacheExeFile'];
$c_phpConfFile = $c_apacheVersionDir.'/apache'.$wampConf['apacheVersion'].'/'.$wampConf['apacheExeDir'].'/'.$wampConf['phpConfFile'];
$c_mysqlExe = $c_mysqlVersionDir.'/mysql'.$wampConf['mysqlVersion'].'/'.$wampConf['mysqlExeDir'].'/'.$wampConf['mysqlExeFile'];
$c_mysqlConfFile = $c_mysqlVersionDir.'/mysql'.$wampConf['mysqlVersion'].'/'.$wampConf['mysqlConfDir'].'/'.$wampConf['mysqlConfFile'];
$c_phpExe = $c_phpVersionDir.'/php'.$c_phpCliVersion.'/'.$wampConf['phpExeFile'];
$c_phpCli = $c_phpVersionDir.'/php'.$c_phpCliVersion.'/'.$wampConf['phpCliFile'];
$c_mysqlConsole = $c_mysqlVersionDir.'/mysql'.$c_mysqlVersion.'/'.$wampConf['mysqlExeDir'].'/mysql.exe';

$phpExtDir = $c_phpVersionDir.'/php'.$wampConf['phpVersion'].'/ext/';
$helpFile = $c_installDir.'/help/wamp5.chm';
$wwwDir = $c_installDir.'/www';

$phpDllToCopy = array (

$phpParams = array (
'ze1 compatibility mode'=>'zend.ze1_compatibility_mode',
'(XDebug) : Remote debug' => 'xdebug.remote_enable',
'(XDebug) : Profiler' => 'xdebug.profiler_enable',
'(XDebug) : Profiler Enable Trigger' => 'xdebug.profiler_enable_trigger',
'short open tag' => 'short_open_tag',
'asp tags' => 'asp_tags',
'output buffering' => 'output_buffering',
'y2k compliance'=>'y2k_compliance',
'zlib output compression'=>'zlib.output_compression',
'implicit flush'=>'implicit_flush',
'allowc call time pass reference'=>'allow_call_time_pass_reference',
'safe mode'=>'safe_mode',
'expose PHP'=>'expose_php',
'display errors'=>'display_errors',
'display startup errors'=>'display_startup_errors',
'log errors' => 'log_errors',
'ignore repeated errors'=>'ignore_repeated_errors',
'ignore repeated source'=>'ignore_repeated_source',
'report memleaks'=>'report_memleaks',
'track errors'=>'track_errors',
'register globals'=>'register_globals',
'register long arrays'=>'register_long_arrays',
'register argc argv'=>'register_argc_argv',
'magic quotes gpc'=>'magic_quotes_gpc',
'magic quotes runtime'=>'magic_quotes_runtime',
'magic quotes sybase'=>'magic_quotes_sybase',
'enable dl'=>'enable_dl',
'file uploads'=>'file_uploads',
'allow url fopen'=>'allow_url_fopen',
'allow url include' => 'allow_url_include');


12-03-2016, 10:18 PM
looks like you mean mysql password. if you want to reset it you need to use a terminal. im on my phone till monday so not easy to help.
are you trying to access phpmyadmin or have you tried to connect to a database with a file?

12-03-2016, 10:19 PM
https://www.devside.net/wamp-server/resetting-mysql-root-password. this shows how to reset password

12-03-2016, 10:24 PM
thinking again. why not just re install WAMP. do not add pass word on set up you can do that later

12-04-2016, 03:08 AM
Oho, I had re-installed but still could not enter. (Localhost / phpmyadmin).

Restarting windows was fixed and now I was able to log in.

Now, if I enter a password (change or install) How do I enter without being denied access? Where is the password set or what file should I modify?

Thank you very much for the help, very grateful.

12-06-2016, 06:55 AM
yoyu should not have to alter a file with new install\