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08-04-2016, 01:59 PM
Hello everyone! I'm a web designer trying to get the feel of where this industry is heading and looking forward to any advice or tips that can be given. I have a website I created for my side business that I just can't seem to get the layout the best way possible. I have been working on new ways to improve my site everyday.
burnersclassiccars(dot) com

Please critique me and give me any ideas or help me better myself. Thank you all so much!

d a v e
08-07-2016, 08:48 AM
Hi Adam, the site could do with a bit more of a (conventional) structure ;) the large slider looks a bit like an advert because it sits above the logo/site name, and the main site navigation looks like slider navigation. sliders are themselves quite a contentious issue as to their value - I would prefer maybe a hero shot of good looking car to get people interested and say wow, i'd love one of those...

for me there are too many boxes and then another set of boxes showing latest work (maybe tooo much with a slideshow already??) which brings me on to photography

Some of the photos look a bit stretched, are badly cropped (i'm looking at you wine red car in the slider), blurred, poorly lit and could do with a little photoshop love for brightness and contrast

If i was using it on the frontpage i would consider limiting the latest work to a before and after shot OR then do a little more text as a case study showing the car model and year (you only mention it's simply a nova in the second photo) with good quality before and after shots / or steps detailing the process. before and after shots work better as well if they are taken—where possible—from the same angle.

typography: the text shadows make the text look blurry, too much centered or fully justified text even just 'anchoring' all the text to the left in the floating boxes would help lead people into them a bit more.

Helvetica is a strange choice for a classic car site - even open sans as a modern font would be better, without being cold. I do like the choice of alice for the body text, but it works better slightly bigger (and pity it's only one weight - no bold or italics etc)

I like the feel of the site i get from the copy (text) but it needs more visual heirarchy. A shot of you in the about section would be nice too to bring the personal side of the business out: who's getting their hands on my baby for renovation/customisation?

web counters are a complete no-no and have been for many, many years. better to make a facebook page and have a simple like button on the site with number of likes.

CTA call to action - what do you want people to do? where are you? America is quite a big place (bigger than Enlgland i heard ) put your address up there in the header somewhere, possibly email and phone too. a button on the frontpage to call or get in touch would be take people to the contact page is better than
"Stop by today! (WHERE) Come take a look at our inventory and our future projects! (er oko maybe i should see when you're oper or ring/email first and arrange a time)

anyway i got bored yesterday and knocked up an idea (though i realise now i forgot the adderss and some other bits i was talking aobut in when just writing now in this post) note sure whether it's too retro but i was aiming for the that golden age of the 50s (before my tim, but so i'd heard :) ) and sampled some colours from an old Ford paint chart. body copy is alice but in a 'bolder' size.

word mark /logo is the free deftone stylus. headings/nav is the $10 geared slab
the hero shot is too small for full width but i only had the small pic from the site to work with ;)

check your text for typos and grammatical errors too e.g. "ect" it refelcts the care you have for the cars - a site with sloppy mistakes/poor photography doesn't reflect the care attention to detail you spend on the cars ;)

link http://codepen.io/dp/full/pbxGRB/

08-08-2016, 09:18 AM
Nice job Dave. Sundays can get you like that

08-08-2016, 01:33 PM
Thanks Dave! I greatly appreciate the time you have taken to look over my website. I will see what all I can get done this week and let you guys take a look at it. I like the mock website that you made. I have bigger images I just resized them to make them fit on the site better, but I guess it backfired on me.

d a v e
08-08-2016, 05:08 PM
glad you liked it :) nothing wrong with the size you had - loads quicker too, but good large image of one car rather than several smaller ones straightaway is a good lead into the site.

08-09-2016, 03:20 PM
I have updated the website some and if anyone has any spare time please take a look. I switched the colors of the site to a blue, put a title of the business on each page, checked grammar errors, new font styling and a few other little things. I do love the font that you told me about Dave.