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05-06-2016, 10:54 PM
Hi All,

Sorry, i do not know how to describe the issue so apologise for the poor title.

Basically, i purchased an HTML template and i have butchered it to make it work for me. The problem is, the menu bar at the top highlights blue for the active page that the vistior is on but i do not know how to define which page should be active in the code?

I copied one of the portfolio pages to use as a template and no matter what i call the page or where it is located it permentaly states that the portfolio page is active in the menu bar when its not.

An example is here https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/104598901/PCM/bespoke-website-design.html this is my bespoke web design option who's like it in the pages su-menu.

Can anyone advise how to make the pages tab active instead of the portfolio?

I hope this made sense, apologise if not :roll:

05-08-2016, 12:11 PM
I have managed to fix this now. Thanks

05-11-2016, 06:49 AM
Because I could not figure it out prior!

If you are not going to post a useful, helpful answer then don't post at all.

05-11-2016, 08:31 AM
dont worry crumpy1, i find its common to solve issues after you post,