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01-06-2016, 02:20 PM
Hi I have built a site in dreamweaver which I am shortly going to publish but wanted to know how I optimize it so it can be viewed on mobiles and tablets? Many thanks

01-07-2016, 01:15 AM
if you have already made it use some media queries to alternate the view based omn screen size. I does depend on how you have constructed yur site but thats a piece of string answer

01-07-2016, 11:01 AM
hi thanks for your reply. I have created it using tables i dont have pop ups flash videos etc and from what i have read google states that it prefers a responsive design so it is a fluid page no matter what device you are viewing the site on. (which means starting over again which I dont want to do) or dynamic serving
this uses the same URL regardless of device, but generates a different version of HTML for different device types based on what the server knows about the userís browser. (this is the one I want to use but dont know how to alter the HTML to achieve this) Is this something you could help with or know where I could find the answer? Thanks for you help

01-07-2016, 12:54 PM
Responsive design is the solution indeed.

It does not require separate HTML. The HTML is the same, and you use media queries in your CSS to change the layout based on viewport width.

This is now the defacto standard on how to make web pages.

You would have to rewrite the HTML to do this unfortunately. No tables.

d a v e
01-07-2016, 06:09 PM
unless the tables are for data of course ;)

01-07-2016, 07:48 PM
Of course, good clarification indeed :-)

01-14-2016, 09:02 AM
Oh, I knew it did not require separate HTML just now...:-x

01-15-2016, 03:40 AM
i find the hardest part of converting an olsd site to responsive , particularly for mobile phone use is the menu, in general its an easy fix to change divs to 100% so they stack, or use no display for less needed items so heres a few links for menus that might be useful.