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03-12-2015, 06:07 PM
I have run my own company for about a year now and when I started used 1and1 UK to host and their web builder to create a basic site. I also use them for my emails.
I have now found a DW template I like and have got it to the stage where I like it and want to put it on the web......but now I'm stuck.

Is there a guide specific to 1and1 (idiots guide) I could use?
I've seen guides on the web but when I get into 1and1 settings it's asking me to deactivate web builder and the email programme. So it's baffling me a bit!

I'm using DW CS6.


03-14-2015, 06:54 PM
Never used their hosting. You need to know if it supports just hosting a normal website I.e. Without using their web builder I'm sure it will.

It will probably be just a case of turning off the web builder, getting your ftp details and uploading from Dreamweaver.

Come back if you need more help.

If you are still pulling your hair out I'm in the UK and can provide you with hosting and I'll upload the site for you included in the price and show you via video how to upload via Dreamweaver.

Cheers Ricky

Ps my hosting is quality vps based and it's fast.

03-22-2015, 11:00 PM
I use 1&1 - but never their web builder.

Basically you need to buy or find a free FTP application.
With this you enter your domain/user and PW i,e

Host name: your domain.com ( co .uk)
Username: u123456 1&1 should have sent you a letter/email with all your package details which includes a similar number - mine starts u .. may be different now.

I assume you have purchased a domain name.
You ned to go to your domains and at the end off its line is usually something like ./ or a folder image.
You can either create a folder/directory ( it may/should give the option or if you have the ftp running - open at your server root and create of drop in a folder with your domain name.

If and when you get to this stage... when your website is built, and from here it depends on what your ftp application is.
I use Fetch and Forklift for Apple Mac and a really old but still very good feee application on windows called Terrapin. They stop updating it when big money moved into the internet around 2002.

I have to ask - is your template "responsive" - have you sorted out the meta data - titles, descriptions and although not so important "keywords? They need to be different on every page. Because like it or not... if Google decides it aint done right your website in search page will be deeper than the Mariana trench!

Digest this lot and get back if you need help.

BTW... I find 1&1 fairly cheap - but only laziness and the aggro of moving 15 domains keeps me there. Its just taken me three weeks and 27 back and forth email with tech support to find out about redirects on shared hosting. It went from.. sorry you have no control over Apache server - no cPanel. to yes you can use redirects and try to write .htaccess like this.... with an example!

have fun and welcome to the weird, wild and often wonderful world of web building..... and a future with headaches and stress when Google gets to work on your website!