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03-10-2015, 06:36 AM
I am learning to create websites using dreamweaver, fireworks and photoshop. I created a testing website using those tools. Initially I created a layout in photoshop followed by web slices in fireworks. Later i exported my work in dreamweaver to complete the website. I saved my layout as a template to create multiple pages. I made changes to template that automatically get updated in related pages too. To add a rollover image menu, pop-up/drop-down menu in template, I switched back to fireworks within dreamweaver. I created rollover image menu successfully and even drop-down too. It worked fine in fireworks preview window. It finished my editing in fireworks and switched back to dreamweaver and updated the changes in template. When I previewed that template, the rollover and pop-up menu worked fine on mouse over. when i clicked any men item, it follows to the corresponding page and I checked the rollover,pop-up menu behavior again but the pop-up menu wasn't displayed but the rollover works. I tried again and I got the same result.

In simple, the behavior(pop-up menu) works only in template I modified. when I clicked other menu item(link) in same page it displays the corresponding page and if I move cursor on menu to check pop-up behavior again, it fails in all pages. I can only see that pop-up when I preview my template again from the first step and if click any of the link, it fails to pop-up again. Please help me:cry:

03-11-2015, 01:58 AM
code needed or link