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01-30-2015, 08:31 PM
Hi guys,

I'm doing a Services List for a client and the information will not fit in the "text box" available. I was think about doing a vertical list that scrolled after "x" period time to reveal the "hidden" part of the list. I do not know how to do this.

Can anyone tell me what I should be searching for? Maybe a tutorial that you trust?

I am open to other suggestions too.

01-30-2015, 11:59 PM
not sure but have a look at these http://codegeekz.com/20-jquery-plugins-for-scrolling-effects/

01-31-2015, 12:11 AM
http://als.musings.it/ perhaps and use a time out to delay the start

02-04-2015, 07:46 PM
Thank you.

I looked at all of them and they don't appear to really address vertical scrolling. I'm trying to learn the basics of After Effects which seems to address my desired effect nicely and it will export a Flash file which will be easy to put in DW.

Wish me luck!

02-05-2015, 12:27 AM
good luck then

d a v e
02-05-2015, 05:14 AM
if you're exporting as flash, what you gonna do with all the devices not supporting flash then?

after effects is best used for video output rather than via flash for the web

02-07-2015, 11:13 AM
Yes Dave is right Flash it's self would be a better choice but I wouldn't use Flash at all. Flash has been dead for things like this for quite a few years now. Just use a JavaScript based solution.

Make it super easy and just search for jquery vertical news ticker.