View Full Version : Problem with Adobe Extension Manager

01-29-2015, 12:11 AM
I have both CS6 DW and the CC version installed on a iMac running Yosemite.

Not sure how long this "problem" had been around because it was only a few days ago I wanted to modify a PVII extension. I found all extensions ( inc tick box) in were greyed out.
That said I have found I can modify some extensions - but some I cannot.

The above applies to both CS6 and CC extension managers!

I have Time Machine back ups and have dragged a month old version of both the apps and extension managers into the apps folder to replace the ( then ) exiting version - with no change.
I am no Mac wiz... but I assume that like PC, there is other info outside the folders and that may hold a solution. I have oped the library on the HDD and looked - but done nothing yet!

I am wary of wrecking the existing set up and needed to wipe them off and re-install.

I have searched this forum and found nothing similar and a Google search does not help.

Any advice would be welcome.