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11-19-2014, 07:05 PM
A friend built our website a few years ago. I recall him using CS3 to show me how to edit pages and send them up to the host. Unfortunately he's no longer around so I'm in the dark!
I have loaded CS3 on my new PC and need to change things on the website. Can anyone tell me how I get the site onto CS3? (I know it's an old version but still usable for me)

d a v e
11-19-2014, 07:44 PM
do you have ftp access to the site?
if you do define a site in the site manager, enter the details and scynchronise the site so you have a local copy to edit and then upload

11-20-2014, 07:35 AM
Hi Dave. Thanks for getting back. Can you tell me what ftp access is? Sorry to sound a numpty but I'm not very computer savvy. :? I can use a PC but as for all the jargon I'm in the dark. I need to be talked through in basic terms. :cry:

d a v e
11-20-2014, 12:32 PM
ok np (no problem :) )

your web site is hosted on a (remote) server. to edit it you need some FTP software (file transfer protocol) to download it to your own computer hard drive (local).

you can do this in dreamweaver or in a free program like Filezilla (https://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client )

what you need is the username and password and the ftp path which will be something like ftp.yoursite.com, then when you define the site (check DW help if you're not sure how to do that) you enter in those details there or do it in filezilla.

once you've downloaded the site to to your computer probably best to make a copy of it (copy the folder in file explorer) just in case you mess something up ;) then you can edit the local version on your hard drive then when you're done upload the changes

ask your friend for those ftp details or if she or he is unavailable/lost them then contact the hosting company.

if you need more help connecting then give us a shout with how far you've got and how you're doing it - Dreamweaver or filezilla

p.s. where about are you "Notts/Lincs/S.Yorks border"? , worksop? or somewhere (i'm originall from mansfield.)