View Full Version : Compatibility of Dreamweaver CS5 to Dreamweaver CS5.5

11-06-2014, 06:43 AM
Dear Fourm Users,

I would like to know if I can carry out assignments worked out in Dreamweaver CS5 in Dreamweaver CS5.5 too? When I save the assignment in CS5.5 will it open in DW CS5? Kindly Clarify.

Thanks and Regards.


11-07-2014, 02:54 PM
Yes of course you can. You could open them in Dreamweaver 1.0 web files, html, css, js etc are just text files you could work with them in Notepad if you really wanted to.

The only thing is some Dreamweaver specific stuff like behaviours etc can sometimes not work but since you are going from 5 to 5.5 there will be no issues there either with it being a newer version.

11-08-2014, 02:51 AM
Thank you very much for the prompt response.

May I get back to you directly in case of any further doubts in usage of Dreamweaver?

Thanks and regards


11-10-2014, 12:17 PM
Yes of course.