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08-02-2014, 11:46 PM
Hi. I am wanting to add something to my template, so that it appears on every page, for people to click on and claim a giveaway. I tried a form using a table and was going to ask for a name and email. I realize now that this would just open up an email or can be emailed direct, but I have no experience of PHP. What would people suggest is the most simple and secure way to do this that can be used in the .dwt file? Should I just be using another program like Mailchimp or something better? Any advice would be great!

08-03-2014, 09:09 PM
I take it that you want them to enter their name and email and you receive an email?

If so this is just a very simple form that you can add to your template.

Mailchimp is a email newsletter service so not for this.

You'll need a PHP script to process your form but its very easy. If you email me richard@qwerty-design.co.uk I can supply you with one if you wish.