View Full Version : Help! My website won't launch.

07-07-2014, 03:19 PM
Hi fellas.

I am quite new to Dreamweaver and I am currently using DW CS6. My site won't launch when i try to preview it on the testing server. It works fine if i uncheck the "testing server" box in the site manager. I have tried to redo the whole page (delete all and start from scratch), without any luck.

When i try to go "Map view" i get an error saying that i need to specify a homepage - but ive already got my index.dwt as my mainpage for the site and i am under the impression that it is enough (?)

As i mentioned i am quite new to this, so i probalby did something wrong along the path.

Have anyone got an idea of what i might need to do?

Thanks in advance. :-)

07-07-2014, 09:14 PM
You only need to use a testing server if you're using a server side scripting language such as PHP.

If your pages are straight HTML then you don't need to use or specify a testing server. Just simply point DW to your local files in the site set up.

If you are using a server side language then you'll need something to provide you with a local server. If you're using a PC you can use WAMP and if you're on Mac check out MAMP.


07-10-2014, 02:24 PM
Thanks for the answer.

I think i might have left something out :)

The site is finished and ive already set up the server and specified the local files.
DW says it is connecting to the server successfully etc.

My problem is that the site wont load my pages, even though i've specified the path to the local files on my pc.

I can preview the site in chrome if i uncheck the "testing server" box on the server i use and since DW is connecting to the server without problems it should load up the site, right?

Also, i find it strange that the MapView function tells me that there is no mainpage spcified.