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06-07-2014, 01:41 AM
My name is Andrew Morgavan. I took "early retirement" last year from being in IT for many, many, yrs. I started out on the original IBM PC XT & moved to networking PCs together(LANs). Then spent a little time working on CISCO routers and HP Switches(WANs). I returned back to PCs that is APPLE iBooks and getting them to talk to other devices on their network (Apple Share at that time). I then was pulled into "viruses" that hit our file servers & quickly spread thru-out our network. "Baptism by Fire" that was probably the only time that I thought I was in the wrong business... It was a nasty clean-up and of course we discovered that out data center was backing up everyones computer to NOTHING!! WOW!! That was an eye- opener!! Several "heads" rolled on that fiasco. So I was called in to set-up a Disaster Recovery plan for the data center w/new software. And to perform a backup/restore of a computer in front of the CEO,CFO, all the upper mgmt. which was successful.

After that stint in Corporate America, I moved into K-12 education a much slower pace or so I thought. This where I had my "extreme intro" to Dreamweaver 2 because our webmaster was leaving. I had 2wks(actually 9 days to learn from her) and to become the new webmaster. This was the scariest part ...learning a new lang - HTML. Mgmt was supposed to fill in this position quickly, as I was told it was temporary. Well, if you know anything about how the public sector does it's hiring, it so SLOOOW !!! to say the least. So I struggled with Dreamweaver 2 and I guess there was no "Contribute" back then. So I had to make ALL the changes/adds to this huge web site. Finally after about a year, they hired a REAL webmaster and I quickly told him what I had been doing during this time, which he brought in DW 3. I could have cared less, if had brought in DW 30. I needed to get back to my real job, Network Specialist.

Finally back to doing something I knew about networking & PCs. I started learning a whole lot about web servers. Then all of a sudden I was thrown into our Divisions to take over the e-mail system w/accts(2500+) and the mail server (when the Email Administrator left). That was a tough one to master, I think because it wasn't a MS product(Exchange). Oh well, it was time to adapt once again, which I did.

And upper mgmt DID take notice and when the Directors position became open I was promoted. After being in that position a couple of years, I was asked to take a "situation" at one of our regions Middle Schools.

This one was a "dosie" because it involved something that I had taken a personal interest in previously - Digital Forensics. The Supt & Tech Director had called me into a meeting to describe what the situation was. They had a report from the parents of one of the students there having a "friendship" on the internet with the Art Teacher at the school. This was just up my alley. This occurred right before their "Winter Break" so I had two weeks to work on her computer's HD. And to "scrub" everything I could off of her hard and return it back in time for the teachers coming back from Christmas Break w/o her knowing anything had taken place. All I can say about this "confidential situation" is that I do not think that she's teaching anywhere any longer.

From this occurrence, I really found out what I wanted to do is digital forensics and cyber security. And since my position at work was heading in this direction, I knew it was time to take control of my own destiny & early retirement was my selection.

That's about it for me. I apologize for the long-winded intro.


07-03-2014, 05:09 AM
Hello on you i am samuel from Philippines.