View Full Version : Greetings and question about spry :)

06-06-2014, 01:32 PM
First of all - Hello all!
I'm here to learn some basic things about dreamweaver and create my own very simple website so don't treat me as potential web designer (yet ;)
So, as stated I started doing my page and decided to use some simple spry behavior: Appear/Fade to be precise. Here is the address: www.mikuda.pl
All works fine except I wanted to include some minor tweaks and do not know how.
- when "invite image" is "moused-over" it fades to 50%, when it's clicked I wanted it to fade quickly to 0% and AFTER THAT open the related page. How can I delay opening of link, so "fade to 0" animation is finished first?

- next thing (optional) - how can I "link" MIKUDA title to that image below, so it will fade as well after click?
Please note that I do not want title to be clickable, just the image.

- last question (for now) is there a way to somehow save or copy-paste behavior preset if I want to apply similar one to
multiple elements?