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04-13-2014, 03:36 AM
Have a problem with centering my page, its a table inside a layer and it sits tofar over one side and I cannot find how to move it to centre,
view it here

PLEASE BE GENTLE on me as I am a BEGINNER :lol:

d a v e
04-13-2014, 08:38 AM
"its a table inside a layer" is the problem ;)
- don't use tables for layout - put the whole thing in a wrapper div and set the margins to zero
<div> id="wrapper">

... all your content in here ...


then in your css
#wrapper {width:924px;
margin:0 auto;

BUT this will give you a fixed width layout that won't be suitable for people on lower resolutions or mobiles/tablets/ipads/...

you also have an old DTD and really should be using html5 now ;)

it's ok to be a beginner - we were all beginners once - but if you don't know these basics then you really shouldn't be offering services as a business for web design. not at least unitl you've reached a suitable base level of coding and design.

it might be worth looking at using Wordpress for sites and doing learning how to do basic customisations (colours, fonts etc) so that at least customers have a site that's coded properly and works on mobile and otehr devices.

the other alternative would be to produce or adapt a good, basic responsive template and offer to customise that for customers (e.g. bootstrap)

couple of other tips, if you're up for them:
1. avoid using fully justified text - it rarely works well on the web (bad spacing between words = holes) and it's harder to read

2. proof read the site - either you and/or the customer. typos look bad ;)
shouldn't it be "Smoky Bay & District's Community Club" because it's the club of the Smoky Bay and District??

3. free graphics are fine, but find a better brick texture than that (it's way overcompressed and looks shitty) also as a repeating background the bricks are a bit distracting you could use it to border the header instead perhaps

4. use more white space - some padding on the main text and boxed text would go a long way to helping readability and give the site a more open and inviting look and reduce the text size a little on the main text -often web text is too small, but this a bit large in my opinion ;)

5. move the images up to underneath the header so people can see straight away what tpye of place it is - gives a nice lead into the text

04-13-2014, 01:01 PM
Let me get this straight Dave, so apart from every single aspect, design and code wise, he's done a good job? :)

I have to agree with everything Dave has said, take this advice on board and you won't go far wrong.

d a v e
04-14-2014, 02:53 PM
@ricky - yeah ;)

i was thinking more like this perhaps