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03-19-2014, 04:53 PM
I have just created my very first Dreamweaver site and I'm having trouble putting it on the internet. I have my hosting with Go Daddy. When I put, my index page goes fine, but none of my other pages go over. Also, the two images on my index page do not go. There are no broken links in the site, so I'm not sure what happened. Can anyone help? Thanks!

03-20-2014, 12:07 AM
How are you trying to upload your files. through Dreamweaver or another ftp client?

d a v e
03-20-2014, 05:01 AM
are you puttin all the files or just the index file? if you're just putting (DW's uploading/publishing/ftping) then you ned to put dependant files to put all the files (e.g. images) that the index page relies on

you might be better using synchronise (whole site) check the DW help files

03-20-2014, 12:19 PM
Thanks for your assistance. The problem is fixed. The files were loading as individual files, and not in the folder I had put them in, so the links didn't work.