View Full Version : NAVbar trouble with CSS & HTML 5 in DWcs6

07-10-2013, 08:20 AM
new to HTML5 and CSS - i built a 5 page site that has a div inserted with cSS rollovers from custom images i did in PS; full background that i built for effect that i use to cover from 1920x1080 to smaller 1024 etc. problem is - the navbar centers fine in chrome safari moz etc. but it does a wrap around thing like its out of room on the fith link of the navbar and returns it to next line first position. its box is 1000px x 54 with 5 links and views fine except in any IE browser. i tried all kinds of things the margin is set to auto for right and left where it works fine in the browsers - so i extended the box to 1020 x 54 for the navbar in CSS rules and it centers fine in every browser INCLUDING IE 9 & 10 but now has an outline of blue and purple (visited link) visable the entire time - nothing i can do will get it to center right except boosting the box width - and doing that gives me the outline of the navbar - its not a border - thats off. page looks good. it adjusts to screen size with the fixed, cover etc. can anyone help me with this or at least point out a few ideas to follow?