View Full Version : Dreamweaver browers problem

06-21-2013, 02:40 PM
I'm not sure what I've done wrong but i'm hoping you can help me. When I click on the globe icon in Dreamweaver to preview in a browser some of my pages don't show up.

I've noticed that the address in the url bar is missing the folder name but I can't figure out why it would just go.

for example one of my working pages has the full address:

but an unworking page doesn't have the project folder in it. (in this case webstudio)

So when I click on the links in the topnav only one works the others don't show up as they are missing the project folder??

Do I have to edit the template?? or each page...

Thank you in advance.

06-21-2013, 05:37 PM
Before you start any new website in DW you should define your site first. If you have paths/links with file://... etc. then you will get into problems once you want to run your site from a web server.

Here's a tutorial how to define a site in DW and other tips on how to best name your files/folders and how to organize them neatly: