View Full Version : Google webmaster tools

04-30-2013, 02:06 AM
Just going through the Google webmaster tools stuff for a website I upgraded a few weeks ago.

1.- I had a couple of folders which I have blocked by a robots.txt entry - they still seem to have been indexed!

2.- I have a downloads folder which shows the URL- http://xxxxxxxx/Downloads/DL_Store/?sortby=1

The DL_Store holds a bus load of PDFs for downloads

The ?sortby=1 has another 6 entries

So if anybody can help.. why are folders supposedly blocked to Google by a robots file still being indexed and where does the sort by stuff come from and why??

BTW Google reports no issues with the site map or robots files



PS. if any staff read this - its just taken an hour to get a new password after a message said somebody ( not me!) had changed it 24 hours ago. and every link offered opened an errors page and about 15 minutes later a rash of emails with new passwords or links to profile!