View Full Version : Is there a "ghost" in Dreamweaver CS6?

01-07-2013, 10:49 AM
There IS a ghost somewhere inside Dreamweaver, I'm sure of it!

Here's why . . .

I make a website and every page has a certain CSS element in common.

When I look at every page in Dreamweaver "Live", that CSS element appears the same in each page (as it should do).

But when I look at every page in Firefox (17.0.1), that CSS element appears the same in each page except on one particular page!

That particular page is called "reviews.html".

Now here's the devilish bit . . .

If I go to Windows File Manager, and I make a copy of "reviews.html" and then look at that copy using Firefox, that particular CSS element appears correctly, as it does on every other page.

So, you would then think that if I delete "reviews.html", and then make a copy-of-the-copy, and then name that copy-of-the-copy as "reviews.html", I will have put things right!

But no!

As soon as the name of that page is changed to "reviews.html", the CSS element in question once again displays incorrectly on that particular page (and on no other)!

I just CANNOT understand it!

Yes, I have absolutely cleaned my cache, wiped my free space, emptied my recycle bin, and done everything I can think of to get rid of traces of the original "reviews.html" (which MAY be acting as a ghost) but the problem remains!

Does anyone have any ideas?

Of course, I can live with calling the page by some other name than "reviews.html" (such as "reviews1.html") but I shouldn't have to do that, should I.


01-07-2013, 04:40 PM
There's always a reason.

It does sound like a caching issue.

Must be some difference between the two files.

Are you using Dreamweaver templates?

Or one of the two files isn't or is picking the most recent version of the styles.

On the page that is viewing correctly just make some obvious change the style sheet and ensure its picking up the changes.

Other than this its hard to say without knowing more.

01-07-2013, 08:18 PM
There's always a reason.

Yes. I'm holding onto that!

It does sound like a caching issue.Yes, it has to be. And if "reviews.html" and "reviews1.html" appear correctly, and identically, in Dreamweaver's LIVE window, then the only place where the fault is showing up is inside Firefox. So that leaves the question: why does Firefox make two IDENTICAL pages appear differently? And why is that Firefox only screws up that CSS element on an html page that is specifically called "reviews.html"? Why does it not do the same to that CSS element on every other html page in the same directory? What has Firefox got against the name "reviews.html"!!!!!

Must be some difference between the two files.I have opened the source code for both files in Notepad windows laid side by side and checked the contents meticulously. The contents are identical. And of course they should be, given that the corrupted "reviews.html" is always only a copy of "reviews1.html".

Are you using Dreamweaver templates?No. But the template that I have used to create "reviews.html" is exactly the same as the one used to create "reviews1.html".

Or one of the two files isn't or is picking the most recent version of the styles.Good idea. Have tested this but both files are reflecting any changes I make to the CSS file.

On the page that is viewing correctly just make some obvious change the style sheet and ensure its picking up the changes.Yes, as above (both pages respond in the same way to any change made to the style sheet.)

I think this is an indexing problem, surely located outside of Dreamweaver. There's something in the Windows 7 or Firefox 17 environments which responds badly to the name "reviews.html".

01-07-2013, 09:51 PM
What I'd do here is come out of Dreamweaver, restart Firefox and empty it's cache then restart the browser again.

Then just using windows explorer browse to the two files and see if the issue persists.

If it does and it's annoying you that much email me the relevant files and ill take a look for you. It's intrigued me now.


01-07-2013, 09:54 PM
I've just read your post back and I can see that you tried what I've suggested. Have you tried uploading them to a server to see if that cures the issue?

01-08-2013, 10:32 AM
Richard, thanks very much for both of your replies, above.

A little while ago there came from my desk the biggest groan merged with a slightly hysterical chuckle! I had cracked it, but with embarrassment!

I reported above that I had repeatedly cleaned out the cache, wiped free space, and done all sorts, to get rid of any "ghost". I had not thought sufficiently about the option called "Site Preferences" in the cleaning dialogue-box in Firefox!

It seems that while I was viewing "reviews.html" at some point in the last week, I must have had a finger on the Control button while at the same time I must have inadvertently pressed the scroll-wheel on my mouse forward by just one notch. This one notch was only sufficient to cause just ONE element on the "reviews.html" page to enlarge: all other elements (and there are many) on that page remained at the correct size! So because all the other elements appeared as they were meant to, I never considered that the problem was one of Firefox enlargement! And clever little Firefox remembers any enlargements or reductions that one makes . . . unless one includes "Site Preferences" in the clean-up operation.

So that's all it was. I feel a bit stupid!

Thanks for your help.