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septian d nugraha
12-08-2012, 03:57 AM
Hai my name Is Septian D Nugraha
I'm from Sukamara, Kalimantan Tengah (Central Borneo Island) Indonesia

i'm new with Dreamweaver and PHP mysql...
i'm any problem with my website..

I make a website dynamis from Dreamweaver 8 and script PHP database Mysql..
I use Tools ini dreamweaver 8.

Make Insert.php
Insert - Application Object - Insert Record - Record insert from Wizard

Make View.php
Insert - Application Object - Recordset
Insert - Application Object - Dynamic Data - Dynamic Table

Make Edit.php
Insert - Aplication Object - Recordset
Insert - Aplication Object - Recort Update from Wizard

After i'm finished, i'm insert data from insert.php after that i want to edit data from the table but it can't edit in row 2 it's just Row 1 can edit data...

Please Help me..

12-08-2012, 04:30 AM
cant help from this description , sounds like a problem in which record yoi select for editing, if you choose by id it should not happen