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10-17-2012, 03:37 PM
Hi all,

I bought a a mini laptop and now the windows barīs controls of the dreamweaver CS5 remain to tight so they use a new line of the bar. I need to eliminate the find dialog, how can I do that?

thanx in advance

10-26-2012, 11:50 PM
you say you want to shoot yourself in the foot by removing the find dialog?
choose among the following files:

e:\program files\adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\configuration\Behaviors\Actions\MM_findObj.js
e:\program files\adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\configuration\Snippets\~Deprecated\JavaScript\ readable_MM_functions\findObj.csn
e:\program files\adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\configuration\Startup\RecordsetFind.htm
e:\program files\adobe\Adobe Dreamweaver CS5\configuration\Startup\RecordsetFind.js

it MIGHT be one of those. I suggest for your sake that you only rename the file extension by appending an _ so it doesn't work - you can always rename it back later.
then again, it might just be built into the program and not in a file and you can't get rid of it.

having the ability to find is half the battle in editing! seems like a silly request.

11-09-2012, 03:43 PM

I have this: dw_bar.jpg (see image) and I want this dw_bar1.jpg, only one line in the windows bar.


11-10-2012, 11:13 AM
unless ther is some way in cs6, cs5 it's hard as a rock - onchangeable either with right click, or drag or via prefs. sorry. it was coded that way. you can't change it. solution is to get the following monitor.


these monitors are larger and more expensive than other monitors. the first one is only (cough) $714. color range is wonderful, and you get 2560xSomething resolution.
that extra 600 pixels might just make the difference in your case - should you want to spend that kind of $$$ to solve the problem.