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10-09-2012, 06:43 PM
I'm a new webdesign student and thought it would be helpful to join this forum.

I'm having positioning issues with my assignment site... http://www.ptecwebdesigners.com/kgore/zoo/indexb.html

I have 4 images, one in each corner. The monkey and the giraffe are perfect.
The parrot and coaster appear fine on a 17inch screen but when I move to my 20 inch screen the 2 right images go way off to the right. I tried it all. I'm using dreamweaver cs6. I need to turn into template and make 10 pages but I can't as long as I'm stuck one these 2 images.

All help greatly appreciated,

10-09-2012, 08:52 PM
Add 'position: relative' to #wrapper in your CSS. You might need to change also the 'right' values of #parrot and #coaster in your CSS, so that they sit where you want them.

10-09-2012, 09:02 PM
Wow! That's it!

Thank You Very Much!

10-09-2012, 09:49 PM
That's it!

Thank you very much!

10-10-2012, 12:05 AM
You're welcome... twice :)