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07-15-2012, 05:49 PM
I have a site built on Dreamweaver CS5 using templating system.

While I update a template in the site, it's suppose to update 104 pages in the site but all the pages are updated except 1 page and it shows the following error which is error1.gif

Then I opened that file and found that some tag problems happened, I managed to correct some errors with deatching from template but rest of the thing I couldn't correct coz some lines are still uneditable but still is deatached from the template. When I again want to apply the same template over this it shows the error2.gif thing that "Some region in this document have no corresponding regions in the new template".

Now what's the problem actually, I am not understanding :(

I tried to create a new page from that template and tried to deatch and again applying the template but same result.

Can anyone help please....