View Full Version : how to avoid the code completion deactivation

07-06-2012, 05:31 PM
hi, im typing php code or anything else in dreamweaver and i just can not stop complaining about the devs of dw cs5.5, i have this issue and i really donīt know if thereīs an option or something to change it:(ok here i go)

if you type for example a variable:

$variable1 ->

or just the dollar simbol "$", the autocompletion gets activated, wich is great, but the problem is when therīs a "syntax error" wich can be ANYTHING you just havenīt type yet, like closing a ")" or a "}" and in this case the auto completion gets deactivated, it doesnīt work anymore until you fix this "error", so is there any option that change this and show code suggestions even when there are syntax error?
Thanks in advance for any help and y expect somebody can understand my question, my english is terrible