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06-27-2012, 06:10 PM
I have just starting with DW8 tutorials, and the book am using has asked me to a create called Colorado Parks, after a page is created.
Folders that were created for this site were C:\Jack76\Parks, then i created a folder call images inside parks folder for the root for images.

my headache comes when the books instructs that i should create a new site with these instructions.

1 click site, Click manage
2 Create a local website under your name folder.
3 In the local root folder text box create a new subfolder under your name folder and name it lawn.

Note: When i first created the site Colorado it was in this root C:\Jack76\Parks. i want to know if the instruction of my test to create a new site wants me to create the folder in the same root the colorado was or am to create another folder totally ouside this root. i have created the folders in the current root but things are looking well.
please note just started a ew days ago am really a novice.
thanks for reading

06-28-2012, 01:53 AM
so if i read this correctly (not a sure bet first thing in the morning) Jack76 is the folder for all your sites. personally i use a folder called sites bit no problem. It acts in effect like your home .
Parks then will be the home folder of your actual site. if you want a lawn folder add to the Parks directory, if you want a nwe site make a folder in the home (Jack76) folder.

Deefine your sites as each individual site folder ( not Jack76, as this is the repository for all sites)