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06-25-2012, 05:21 PM
Hi everybody, please help me, I am desperate.

I am creating a website for my company (I am an HVAC contractor), I have absolutely no experience with web design, html, any of it. I taught myself enough two months ago and created a website, but I was so worried about learning to design it that the design was terrible for SEO. Now I am in the process of redesigning it (it will now be over 200 pages vs. 13 for the original). I know that I do not have the best code out there. I have fireworks designed html for most of the template and I have tables instead of css, but I can only teach myself so much in just a couple of months!

For the redesign I did everything just like the first time, but for some reason all of my links are broken! I just cannot seem to find the cause! The weird thing is that when I look at the url up top, the links seem to lead to the wrong url (obviously, I know), but the wrong url is so weird. My url is aca-mechanical.com and the links to pages within it will say "aca-mechanical.com/aca.mechanical.com/about.us.html". Why would I be getting the double aca-mechanical.com/aca.mechanical.com?

06-25-2012, 05:42 PM
All your links don't have the HTTP protocol. You have:
<a href=“www.aca-mechanical.com/about.us.html”>
which should be:
<a href=“http://www.aca-mechanical.com/about.us.html”>
or even simpler:
<a href=“about.us.html”>
With the latter it automatically looks for about.us.html in the root directory of http://www.aca-mechanical.com.

But... regarding your SEO part, you won't get good SEO with code like you have now. Letting Fireworks generate your code is the worst thing you could do. Search engines like clean and semantic code and they like fast loading pages. Google really looks at the performance of a website. If it sees spaghetti code and it takes too long to index, then you won't get a good position in the search engine ranking.

Really... save yourself the hassle and hire a web designer, because a website like this will do more harm then good to your business.