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06-16-2012, 09:52 PM
I know there are several threads on centering. I've tried all of it & was lead to this forum through an article by gmcrone titled "Centered content with CSS"

I'm new at programming, so please bear w/ me. I designed my site in photoshop & sliced it in fireworks where I also added multiple pages & dropdowns. I exported it to dreamweaver w/ external pages for my css and .js.

Exporting it from fireworks created a css file for every html page. So I combined everything to include all FWTablecontainers on one page.

I placed a div class="wrapper" in the body of my html right after the <body> opening. Then I adjusted EACH "FWTablecontainer" as was suggested (I changed the width): body {
text-align : center ;
min-width : 770px ;
div.wrapper {
width : 770px ;
text-align : left ;
margin-left : auto ;
margin-right : auto ;
position : relative ;

What can I do??? I know I'm close. There must be something wrong in my html or css if this isn't working.

Thank you in advance!

06-16-2012, 11:49 PM
Welcome to the forum, Clueless_!

In order to see where you go wrong, we need to see pretty much all of your code. But... to be honest, you go already wrong with exporting your design from Fireworks (or Photoshop) into Dreamweaver. This will produce bloated code and is not ment for developing websites for production. You'll end up with 'table soup' which is hard to manage if you want to change or add things in DW.

The proper way is to slice everything manually and bring it piece for piece into DW and use the right tags for it. You will have to look at your design to figure out which design elements/decisions you've made can be produced solely with CSS (such as background colors).

In order to see and know these things you'll need to understand the basics of HTML & CSS. I know you said that you're new to programming, so start with reading or follow tutorials (http://dzineblog.com/2009/04/tutorials-psd-to-html.html) how to slice a design and hand code it in a editor, because the 'slice n dice' method will give you only headaches and not a properly developed website.

06-17-2012, 12:28 AM
Wow, that's great information. My plan/hope was to get something up & running as a "placeholder" (however sloppy the code was) and then build it from scratch properly. The code is ridiculously long (as you are already aware of) I have 26 pages & dropdowns w/ a few dropshadows & rollovers etc. Can I email you my webaddress? It doesn't have any content & would prefer it not public yet.