View Full Version : I cannot update my live site as it is not recognizing my files

06-12-2012, 08:07 AM
I created a new site in Dreamweaver.

Now I have finished the site which was intended to replace an old one. My brother who has the hosting package for the site said that I needed to create a site within the root folder called /public_html/new so that once it was complete he could transfer the files into the live site /public_html and make my old site public_html/old.(In case we need anything in the future)

All went well and the new site is up. However I am now left with an empty public_html/new folder when I go to the remote button. I need to correct some things that I(and others......I swear it is a case of 'cannot see the wood for the trees' when you have been working on it for a while) did not see before. I cannot connect with the live site because it is in a folder that is not in my dreamweaver site. I cannot do anything because although I have corrected my pages in local view on Dreamweaver when I go to remote to upload I only have the empty folder. I have tried changing the name but it will not let me. What can I do? I have tried synchonizing but that does not work as the public_html/new is not recognized and now has no function? Please please help me I am going mad! The site is up and there are errors that need to be corrected!

It appears that the dreamweaver site cannot connect with the remote site because the files have different names. The live site is public_html and the file in the root folder is public_html/new.

My brother has no knowledge of Dreamweaver. I am soooo stuck and going crazy!

Any help would be soooooo much appreciated!!!

Many thanks


06-13-2012, 08:46 AM
Hi Tina. Have you tried an alternative FTP programme such as Filezilla?