View Full Version : Fireworks MX and PHP links - HELP!

05-01-2012, 06:03 PM
I designed a pop up menu in Fireworks MX. The "main" menu nav bar option, "Contact Us", links to contact.html - ok, fine. The cascading menu of "Contact Us" has 2 sub-options - "Inquiries" and "Directions". The "Directions" option links to the directions.html - ok, fine. HOWEVER, I am trying to get the "Inquiries" sub-menu to link to contact.php because it is a form and has image verification code embedded. No matter what I do, the link refuses to work. Here's the interesting part; if I link to the contact.php page to some plain text elsewhere on the site, it works beautifully and the form behaves the way it should.

My suspicion is that the problem lies within Fireworks MX pop-up menus and cannot seem to link to other file types other than .htm or .html - am I right or wrong?

If I am wrong, is there a work-around or should I approach this particular link in a different way (ie: text link instead of a pop up menu option)?

Thank you for ANY insight you could provide!!