View Full Version : Cannot Open .php or .dwt files in Dreamweaver 8

04-23-2012, 01:36 PM
I give you a newbie hello! I have been building sites since 2008 with Dreamweaver 8 (which I love) and it has never given me any problems until lately.

I was working on the master .dwt and one of the .php pages on one of my sites locally when I noticed that the header graphic had disappeared. I checked the link but it was correct. Thinking I had inadvertantly caused this I just used the 'undo' button on both pages. By the time I was done both pages were blank white pages in 'Design view' and the 'Code view' part was 'grayed out' looking.

Now I can open .html files in this site (this site is the only one affected on my computer...all other local sites behave as they should) but if I attempt to load a .dwt page or a .php page into Dreamweaver I get the blank 'Design view' and the 'grayed out' 'Code view' and Dreamweaver locks up and has to be closed using Windows Task Manager.

This even happens with the copy of this site which is stored on my external hard drive. The site works fine online. I tried downloading a page from online, letting it overwrite the same page locally, and it won't work either so it must be some sort of problem with Dreamweaver.

Any help/advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

Puzzled SouthCountryMom