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04-08-2012, 03:54 AM
First I should say I am new to working with DW and do not have it connected to a server. Instead I use an ftp client but I think I have everything in the right place (I have been playing with the script and the results seem to corroborate this...). I would also rate myself as a newbie as I am also a long way out of using PHP or mySQL queries...In any case:

I set up a two db tables. One table has an int in the second field (field2), the other has a varchar in the second field (login_name). The script seems to connect to the db, but when I use mysql_fetch_array to retrieve data from the different tables, using the first table an echo produces the proper value; from the second table (the one with a name/string/varchar in it), the echo is blank (nada, nothing prints on the webpage).

I checked the fetch array and it can return either (int or varchar) yes?

My code looks like all the others that are following the video that David Jackson produced but perhaps I should include it here (in case I have misplaced a ; or something (I have been working for hours and hours on this and am bleary-eyed.))?

Thanks in advance for any info

PS I think I have connected to the db -- I am now searching for the php to query what tables the script can name, but any input/advice/questions would be appreciated.

Thanks for any info

04-08-2012, 04:50 AM
Hey, I solved this problem by re-checking the table structures. Thanks to any that chose to look. I have asked the admin to delete the post but if it is still here perhaps it will help someone...

cheers + best