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03-07-2012, 07:50 PM
I understand this is a long post, so I'll put in bold the important parts.

DW version: MX2004 (yes I know it's ancient)

background: My site is completely in table format. It's a very simple and clean website - goal is to provide information in a simple to read format. Info is given by day of week - so there is a Monday.htm, Tuesday.htm, Wednesday.htm, and so on. I am wondering if there is a way for information in one table cell to be linked to automatically appear in the cell for another table.

I have information that crosses over... So text written under Monday.htm or Tuesday.htm links up with City.htm. For example, on Monday I have to go to City.htm and copy in the information listed under Monday.htm for that specific city, and then so on for Tuesday, Wed, etc.

Is there a way for me to automatically link the text written in a table cell in each day.htm to the city.htm so that I do not have to update everyday? In other words, the code will simply change the text in city.htm depending on the actual date, not change because I copy and paste the text.

I realize this may be confusing, but any help would be appreciated!