View Full Version : "Set Text of Container" function disables javascript function of the container

03-02-2012, 11:44 AM
I have one DIV ID container, and three buttons (in a separate container). What I want to achieve is that clicking each button changes the content within the first DIV ID.

That part is functioning perfectly. However, I have used jScroll javascript to create a stylized scroll bar for the DIV ID container, and when I use "Set Text of Container" behavior, everything places correctly and the buttons work but the jScroll scrollbar stops working on the DIV ID with the "set text of container property. So even though the content is changing, the overflow is simply cut off.

This isn't as complicated as it sounds, and I know the answer must be on jScroll's website, but there are no tutorials or how-to instructions for people who are unfamiliar with javascript, API, etc.

I don't understand what code to place that will reinitialise the javascript rule on the container, or where to put it. Please help!