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02-06-2012, 07:36 PM

Im new on this forum and almost on Dreamweaver CS5. I almost have my webpage but I need to make a page to "apply". Its a paper form (4 sheets) and we want to put it on the webpage and when the user fill all the form, justo press "submit" and send it to an email, all that information. I was searching on the web how to do it, and I found that with a form, but since are 4 sheets I should do it in parts, I mean, first sheet then next sheet and all the information will be stored or saved until the user finish the form and click "Submit". Another doubt was when I finished the form, whats the next step? PHP? this is where you guys could help me how to figure out.

I'm very lost and I wish like to find the better way to do the form.

I'm using Dreamweaver CS5.

02-06-2012, 11:50 PM
you need to have a mailing script to send the form results. most commonly php but depends on your server. there is a tutorial on this forum alondg with a mail script in php tutorials

02-07-2012, 06:25 AM
Also, if you are doing your form in pages I'd say you might be better off with a database as well, to store results. Carry an ID for each participant through a PHP session, put each page results into a database with that ID as a reference and then get PHP to mail you once one is completed and extract the results directly from the database.

You need PHP and MySQL if that helps with your Google research.