View Full Version : What options for embedded players?

01-27-2012, 04:13 PM
I currently have use Flowplayer on my website. It looks and works pretty well because I have a page with about seven videos and it's set so that only one can play at a time: if a video is playing and the user scrolls down and clicks play on another video, the previous one stops playing and the current one plays instead.

The problem is that if the user wants to watch the video in full screen, they get the Flowplayer logo, unless I pay $95 for a commercial license, which I can't afford right now, so I've been thinking about switching to another player that allows me to do full screen without any logo, for free. The only one I found so far is Strobe Media Playback, which is an open source project started by Adobe. It's easy to use and works fine, the problem is that so far I can't find a way to achieve the same thing I have with Flowplayer, several videos on one page and allow only one to play at one time. SMP has a code generator that works pretty well, but I haven't found any sample or demo page that shows me how to put multiple players on one page, and if I do a search for "multiple" on the help PDF, all I get is how to use multiple streams for multiple bandwidths, same if I do a Google search for that.

So what other options do I have as far as players go? I know that JW player is also not free, is there anything else?