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01-25-2012, 01:45 PM
hi everyone

i finally managed to not break into someone else's thread to ask my question

i have dreamweaver 8 but i also have the portable edition which i am using for now. i am following the missing manual and am on the chapter for dynamic data and record sets et al. now my screen shows one thing and the book another which ordinarily might not be a problem until it concerns SQL. On the screen, the Recordset popup shows nearly the same until the book says to click the + sign next to Variables. My screen says the word Parmeters and here is where the miss match happens. parameters wants more input than variables and not being versed in SQL i a, lost. so when i preview the live data of course it doesnt work.

anyone else come across this or perhaps someone who does know SQL might be able to give the alternative information to make the tutorial continue. until then... miss match has stuck me in limbo.

i m using the 2005 1st edition of missing manual for dreamweaver 8.

Sawmac had no such feedback so i came here.
pardon my interrupt for the hints on sql and thanks for your help.