View Full Version : Spry data shows in live view and IE but not FF

12-31-2011, 04:48 PM
Hey guys, hope you can help on this one. Usually I solve Dreamweaver problems on my own but this time I'm completely stumped :-?. I hope someone has the expertise to help.

I made a home page and inserted a spry data set into the content area below the header. All of this worked fine (displayed in live view, FF9.0.1 and IE8.0.6).

I cleared the content area and saved the page as a template, since every page in my site will be the same with the exception of the content area. From this template I created a new page and inserted my spry data set, just as I had done before. This displayed in live view as expected. Strangely though, the data set would not display when previewed in FF, despite the fact it displayed without a problem before. I then previewed the page in IE...to my surprise everything looked ok.

I assumed that perhaps I had made a mistake somewhere so I tried again, same result. I checked the code and couldn't see the cause. I even tried creating a new page (not from a template) and had the same problem. It was almost as though DW had become corrupted.

I uninstalled and reinstalled my browsers and Dreamweaver - no change. I completely reformatted my computer which fixed everything. "Great" I thought until the exact same problem reoccured while inserting spry data into a template.

It's weird, the problem only occurs when previewing in FF. It's almost as though the process of inserting spry data in a template corrupts my files and can only be fixed by reformatting my comp. Other than a complete reformat and avoiding templates, what can I do to make this work?

Please help. My page is attached for inspection, just in case someone spots something I haven't. Much appreciated if you can help! :)


01-02-2012, 07:20 AM
Seems I've fixed this, sort of. I completely deleted my site and started again. What I usually do is keep my root directory organised by creating folders for pages, tables etc. This time I didn't do that. I have no idea why but it seems as though keeping different types of file in different folders screws things up.

Also, I'm going to avoid templates for now. Updating pages will be a pain but at least they'll work.