View Full Version : Spry Menu Horizontal works great in FF but acts up in IE please help

12-13-2011, 01:58 PM
I created spry menu horizontal. It works very well in FireFox and acts up IE. Please help me fix it. I spent lot of time by trying to solve issues. I was successful in some but the following problems remained unsolved. I am sure someone there can help.
IN Internet Explorer:

The tab MAPY becomes strangely more yellow color after “appear” behavior (other tabs don’t have this issue).
Submenus are opening BEHIND other elements (that are below them).
Hovering on submenus is jittery - not smooth like in FF
I wonder why?

The url of the site is http://www.mapkazdaszkiem.com/indextest1.html

Attached is the SpryMenuBarHorizontal.css