View Full Version : Page background disappeared

11-19-2011, 09:13 AM
Hi guys.
using DW 5.5, Vista 32.

I have been building a site for a week or so. I want different page backgrounds for each page. I had put a background on my index.htm, saved in images folder, all well and good. I embedded a flash menubar on to each of my pages and everything worked fine. Then I found some free backgrounds and saved 4 of them to the images folder to use on 4 other pages. I placed one of these, but mistakenly in the CSS via page properties and it obviously added to my 4 blank pages but it replaced the image in index.htm. So I edited the CSS and returned all to the previous state. Although now I cannot get the bg image I had on index.htm to appear. It is sitting there as an internal stylesheet, the image is in the images folder, but nothing. Longhand URL, etc. tried it all, but the bg image will appear on a new html page, until I then paste the html from index.htm into it then the background goes again. I have tried removing the new menu bar, but nothing?
Any Ideas please?