View Full Version : Global Spry Changes?

10-28-2011, 11:19 PM
Hey, all.

Question for you. I have Spry dropdown menu's on my site (http://www.portlandpoweryoga.com/). When I make an addition to the menu or even subtraction a subheading is there a way I can do it just for one and it will propagate across every page in the site? Right now I'm copying and pasting and it's a PITA because I have to reformat every time I paste.

Oh, and I'm such a Spry noob I thought it was a soda at first.:mrgreen:

Thanks for your help!

11-01-2011, 11:44 PM
Well you have a few options but they may require one last trip through your pages.

1. If you're good with Find and Replace you could do an F&R across the entire site that would update the menus. Just be sure you make a backup of your site first because you can really screw it up if you get it wrong.

2. If your site was built on a template you could just update the menu in the template and then allow all the linked pages to be updated when you save the template (a little late to go that route now).

3. The best method is to place the menu in an include file that is referenced from each of your pages. That will require php and editing each of your pages one last time but it's not too difficult. It also will require php. So, if you're page all currently use the .html extension you will have to tell the server to allow php in html files. I believe you'll find more info on this option if you search the forum.