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10-24-2011, 12:58 PM
Hi folks
I am making a website for someone, and have made a text box section using a table. I have Put text in and layed it out carefully exactly the way I want it

Here is the screenshot of my dreamweaver project
Please note where the text is.

Now here it is in Firefox:
as you can clearly see the text is not in the right place

Now here it is in Internet Expolorer
Again the text is not in the right place, but its better.

In dreamweaver if i move the text up a little, it fixes the text in FF but then messes IE up.. if i move the text down, its ok in IE but messed up in FF.. no matter what way I position the text in dreamweaver it dosent look right in both browsers, then if i try improve one the other one gets messed up, Ive no idea why this is happening.

When working with tables I have a habbit of zooming in and out of the pages to test it, to make sure the frames are properly locked down... If they are not sometimes strange things happen. In this case I have made sure to lock the table measurements down with exact values, but when i zoom out in Firefox I see this:
You can see the bottom of the table the image is bleeding out.

And here it is on Internet Expoloer
Same issue when zooming out, image is bleeding off the bottom.

Now i know people wont be zooming in and out, but there is no reason why this should be happening. Some folks might be running a lower resolution so I want to ensure it looks right if they zoom out.

Another note ...not specificliy in relation to the text aliment issue is the popup in Internet Expoloer
This is greatly concerning me because there is no content on the page yet that should be promoting IE to demand a plugin install. I relies putting content like java, iframes..etc etc will prompt that but the page im working on now has NO content that should trigger that.. why is this happening?

The weblink to the project/site im working on is:

Perhaps someone can take a look in the source code to see what the hell is making the text go crazy, why the image is bleeding when zoomed out and why IE is prompting me to install a plugin.

Just a minor note, the image in the Table is a background image.. so I could type text over it.

I hope someone can help, im really starting to loose my rag with this and I dont know what to do.


10-24-2011, 04:48 PM
Notwithstanding the 'don't use tables for layout' statement, have you tried an IE specific stylesheet at all? http://css-tricks.com/132-how-to-create-an-ie-only-stylesheet/

10-24-2011, 05:48 PM
Someone should rewrite that box real quick :) It's screaming for a CSS3.


are key properties. The rest is standard.


10-24-2011, 05:59 PM
Hi there Corrosive
thanks very much for the reply
I did make some brute force progress. as long as i keep the text WELL AWAY from the bottom of the tables it can just about work.

Unfortunately Tables, or Layers or Flash are the only methods I know to create websites, I know there is a whole world out there of other methods such as the one you suggested, but I dont have the head for coding and programming.

Although im just about mucking through the text alignment issue I am still really stumped as to why IE is asking for a plugin.. and Ive also noticed that IE will not show my "on mouse over - image swap" untill I install the plugin (i didnt install what ever it was asking me for).. I know its not in context to the thread title but have you any idea why this is happening? Ive only encountered this when using java or iframes, flash.. etc and I know of ways to avoid it. .. but the site im working on now has absolutely no content whatsoever that should be prompting IE to ask for plugins...
Im actually wondering if my IE has been compromised in anyway.... is it possible its a virus or something on my side?
I most certainly cannot present this project to the client without having that sorted out.

Hope someone can help me identify that problem..
I know its off title topic, but Im new to the forum, i didnt want to create another thread so soon :/

but Corrosive, thanks so much for the reply anyway :)


10-24-2011, 06:03 PM
yup i should have stepped on the css wagon many moons ago.. alas, im still back at last chance saloon... but comfortable ;)

10-25-2011, 07:04 AM
I should have realised this from my past experience with making web content, but I remembered why IE is prompting a plugin installation, I have been testing the pages off line with IE.. as soon as i tested it with an online version of the site it stooped asking me to install a plugin

so this whole thread has been in sense solved

thanks for all the help tho.. Im so bad with this kinda stuff any help no matter how insignificant is of value to me

Much regards

10-25-2011, 07:09 AM
You beat me to it! I was going to say that the off line IE always acts like that. You really need to use CSS for layouts though.