View Full Version : Accordion Spry works in IE but not FF - spry content height issue

09-28-2011, 05:17 PM
Hi, I am a beginer in designing webs, however so far I could solve most of my problems - mainly by great forums like this one. Here is one issue that I just canít solve no meter how much I read up and try different options. It is a very stubborn problem with Accordion spry in DW. It works perfectly in IE and it does not work well in Firefox. The problem is that Firefox accordion remains fixed height of the content panel. When the list is longer than 200px the content overlaps labels underneath instead of extend the height of the content panel. I am trying to fix it for days now and everything fails. I noticed that when I change js this.useFixedPanelHeights = true; to this.useFixedPanelHeights = null it expands one tab correctly but after that all other behaviors are messed up.
The site page is :
http://www.mapkazdaszkiem.com/mapa%20Gdyni%20-%20hotel%20w%20Gdyni.html (http://www.mapkazdaszkiem.com/mapa%20Gdyni%20-%20hotel%20w%20Gdyni.html)
(the website is in Polish, but donít worry the site is self-explainable )
The accordion on the left panel is the one that I am talking about above.
Attched are both SpryAccordion.css and SpryAccordion.js.
Please Please Help!!!