View Full Version : Spry Data Set & LightBox

09-03-2011, 08:42 PM
Hi there, very new to this forum & dreamweaver. Would really appreciate some help.
I'm using DW CS4: I am designing a carsales website. I have created a stock page which will list all cars for sale in price order. I have done this using sprydata set & CSS. I have various fields for year, make/model, price, picture & description. I am happy with this up to this point.
What I need help with is the following: I want users to be able to view the whole stock page & scroll down to their desired car they might be interested in (say car no.3), click on the image of the car & from that click (lets say) 6 larger images of car no.3 appear in preferably Lightbox or in some type of gallery.
Do I need all the images in the original sprydata set table?
I don't want users to click on car no.3 & (say) car no.2's photos appear.
I hope I've made this clear.
Pls help.